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Disconnection Policy

Ellicott Utilities Company (“EUC”) Disconnection of Services Policy

Disconnection of services will be enforced when payment on an account is 30 or more days delinquent. Partial payments not covering the full amount owed in a billing period would still jeopardize the services being discontinued.

A yellow notice of disconnect will be mailed to the customer stating the amount owed on the account and the day the services will be disconnected.

The customer at this point has two options:

  1. The customer can pay the full balance before the disconnect day.

  2. The customer can call EUC before the disconnect day and speak with customer service to make installment payment arrangements.

Disconnect Day

If payment for the customer account has not been received by EUC before the day of disconnect, technicians will be dispatched to terminate the service, beginning at 8:00 a.m. on disconnect day.

If the technician disconnects the water, the customer will have to pay the full balance, plus a $100.00 reconnect fee to reconnect water services.

Security Deposit

If the customer has had their water disconnected for non-payment, a security deposit of $250.00 may be required to re-establish service. The deposit will not accrue interest and will be returned to the customer after one year if all services have been paid on time during that period.

White Sands

Reminder Message

Customers are encouraged to provide EUC with their email address and phone number for a text message or email reminder sent prior to disconnect day.

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